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RPA Service

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) represents a huge market share in the world to help enterprises optimize basic process operations and reduce costs.


RiDiK has an extensive project experience and knowledge, and capability of providing a client a full range of RPA solutions such as process consulting, process reengineering, tool selection, implementation, deployment, and training, among others. We also explore RPA in conjunction with OCR, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Applied RPA to various businesses and work processes with high repeatability and low efficiency to greatly improve management and work efficiency of enterprises:

Tax – Fill out the tax forms

Financial – Data processing, expenses sharing, reimbursement, etc.

HR – Data download, calibration, classification, matching, submission

Recruitment – Resume filtering, download from web page and input to system

Administration – Fixed assets change decision, update or modify

Credit investigation – Credit information acquisition, input and submission