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Big Data

Big data allows companies to create ever-narrowing segmentation, with tailored services to meet the client’s needs. In banking and finance, big data will become the core driver of future development. RiDiK is committed to producing financial data modeling and modeling analysis. Combined with big data, machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced technology, RiDiK is capable of providing a full range of data modeling services and IT solutions for data mining and analysis needs ofn the financial field.


Big data portrait

Digital user management

Customer churn recovery

Big data decision making

Account decision management system

Big data precision marketing


Developed a global big data analysis platform of internet marketing for world-renowned e-commerce companies

Implemented big data module optimization for many internationally renowned large banks Upgraded the credit scoring solution and account decision system of many commercial banks in China

Helped numerous security companies in China to develop customer portrait analysis system Provided intelligent data service for a domestic big data intelligent risk control enterprise